The Happiest Distribution

Do you laugh within your tweets? e.g. hahaha!!!  Here we show the number of times these different laugh species appear in tweets as a function of how many ha‘s they contain.  A few observations:

  1. Longer laughs are less frequent, and the frequency decays at a constant rate. We’re plotting on logarithmic axes, the black line has a slope of -5 and appears to match the data over at least 5 decades in frequency… Zipf would be proud of the people: Hahaha power law?
  2. ha is less frequent than haha but slightly more frequent than hahaha.
  3. Only a select few humans are able to make it out beyond 100 letters without a typo.  Congratulations!

Thanks to one of our students, Tyler Gray, for sorting this all out.



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2 responses to “The Happiest Distribution

  1. Sam

    Happiness is a choice. After reading the posts here, I find it is hard to define what is happy and what is not happy. Anyway, keep up the good job.

  2. i love your blog haha! shouldn’t a tweet’s character limit affect the number of ‘ha’s (especially when it gets to beyond the ‘normal’ ‘haha’?)

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